Ways to grow kid's gardening enthusiasm

Kid’s Gardening: How to grow interest and excitement in the backyard garden

No child is too young to play in the garden.  Not only will early exploration of the garden instill an interest in the growing world, but it could also lead to some yummy meals of roasted carrots and strawberry shortcake in years to come.  So, how do you cultivate your child’s inner gardener to grow?  It’s easy!  You only need to provide some garden soil, seeds, words on plant care,[…]

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Make your family backcountry trip a success with this practical advice

No internet.  No running water.  No electricity.  Just lots and lots of fresh air, just ourselves and our surroundings for entertainment.  Pure adventure.  Are you ready to bring your kids into the backcountry for some intimate wilderness and family time? We first brought our kids on a family backcountry camping trip when they were two and five.  Knowing when your kids are ready for this adventure will depend on a lot of variables:[…]

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Skating on Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Canada

How to do Jasper in the Winter

Rosy cheeks under pompom toques, hot chocolate by the crackling fire, nuthatches clouding the sky, skis gliding through a white forest, and the soft slow fall of big fat snowflakes… these are just a few of my favourite winter things. I find that come wintertime, Jasper is ready to slow down and get cozy.  Or, at least I am.  I look forward to family cuddles on the couch under our cozy blanket with the snowy mountains watching us through the window. […]

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Marmot Meadows – Cross Country Skiing and outdoor winter fun

Getting our kids excited about cross country skiing can be challenging, especially when it is so cold outdoors and so warm indoors.  Even I have a hard time convincing myself to go out.  But Parks Canada has done a good job helping families make the most of an outdoor adventure by creating – what Parks calls – a winter hub at Marmot Meadows here in Jasper National Park. We took advantage of their inviting programming[…]

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how to stay warm on the slopes

How to stay warm on the slopes, ensuring a great day at the ski hill

“21 below with a wind chill making it feel like minus 34″… no one really want to hear that forecast, right?  And they really don’t want to hear that forecast for their upcoming family ski vacation!  But it happens.  So here are a few pointers on how to stay warm on the ski hill from a Canadian who hates being cold. Long Johns are your friend Dress in layers!  To do it[…]

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why you should consider a reservation for Jasper campgrounds

The most important tip for camping in Jasper

Thousands of people camp each summer in Jasper National Park.  Are you planning to be one of those people?  Don’t let your camping plans be ruined because you forgot to do one very important thing.  Don’t lose out on a fantastic family camping trip because you forgot to make a Jasper campground reservation!  As I write this, the snow is falling, the temperature is dropping, and thinking about sleeping in[…]

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Old Fort Point, a family walk with a few challenges and great rewards

A thorough exploration of Jasper’s best known walks would not be complete without a climb up to the top of Old Fort Point. This hill looms up out of the surrounding forests to stand sentinel beside the Athabasca River. I guess, in a way, it does resemble a fort, maybe even more so to those long-ago travellers making their way through the Rockies along the Athabasca.  But, as far as I[…]

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Secrets for your next family trip to Jasper

Visiting Jasper with your family? You need to know these 5 things!

Shhhh, I am going to tell you a secret:  Jasper is actually more awesome that you thought!  If you are planning a family trip to the town of Jasper any time soon, check out these following tips to make your trip even better. Parks Canada Programming is great fun for kids: During the summer season, Parks Canada hosts various activities and information sessions throughout the park.  They host campfires, wildlife[…]

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Everything you need to know about Jasper accommodation options

A visit to Jasper National Park means you have a wide assortment of places to lodge: inside or out, rustic or luxurious.  Jasper has it all, from fancy hotels to minimalist camping.   Here’s a brief summary on the various types of Jasper accommodation options and where to find more information about each. Your options are hotels, lodges, cabins, approved accommodations, hostels, and camping. Hotels, Lodges, and Cabins: Tourism Jasper has a[…]

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Easy and assessible walk at Pyramid Lake Island in Jasper National Park

Pyramid Lake Island, easy and quick fun for little ones

We just love this little island!  Pyramid Island is quick to get to, an easy walk, and offers beautiful views.  Going to Pyramid Lake Island is a favourite activity for our family.  We especially love to go here with a bag of goodies from the Bear Paw Bakery or Snow Dome Café, and the intention to sit and relax while the kids run, play, and explore. A few weeks ago, after dropping the oldest child[…]

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